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How I  work

 For a  budget for custom covers, send an email to

Within the message, I need a summary of what you want, just so that I understand and stipulate a price:


* Do you want e-book and / or printed?
* What's the  genre of the book (fantasy, romance, suspense)
* Will it be a series or a standalone?
*What is the deadline for delivery of this project?
* The preferences you have for your cover:  Objects, with caracthers, minimalist, etc.

*If you already have a picture for your cover.

*If you have a low budget and you just want free commercial pictures.

*Short Summary of the book

If you're happy with the budget, the payment should be 50% upfront to start the design.  I will send you the drafts and after your approval ,  I will finish the final design after the remaining 50%  of payment  is done. 


During the creation process I send a preview of the art in progress, in case you are not happy with the first test, I create a second test cover and we're going from there until you're happy with the result.


I like to  dedicate time and effort to my designs, so my goal is to make the best cover until you're finally satisfied.  

After receiving the  cover (pre-made or custom), you will be able to ask up to 2 free rounds of updates (such as change of title/blurb/back cover text. After that, each new update will require an additional fee of $10 to be paid upfront.


If for any reason the amazon template  needs to be changed, that would require an additional fee of $15 to be paid upfront.


-If you want  printed versions of the cover  you should provide the final count page, trim size and color page.  Please, be sure  this information is  the final one. If the trim size or count page changes, the templates changes, so I have to adapt the design again to this new template.  Each new update will require an additional fee of $15 to be paid upfront.


If you need a new template: hardcover, or paperback, etc, from Amazon is $20 additional.

Ingramspark  Dust Jacket: $40

 I do not send  the photoshop file of  the project. 

-If you don't  like a mock-up I  did ,  I'm free to offfer the mock-up as a premade changing the title of the book and not using your name's book  and I will change elements so I won't match your concept.


If you don't have title, back text , trim size,  but you want to buy the cover, no worries, there is not time frame,  you can send it whenever you're ready. I will send the clean art anyway just in case. 

snake and roses_art_edited.jpg


Price starts at $60 for non-fantasy books

Price starts at $100 for fantasy  books

Authorized Email  for Zelle Payments:
Ingrid Rivera
SAD PANCAKE_edited.jpg

Payment Methods

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